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About Klima21

Klima21 is a strategic forum for climate research established by the Norwegian Government. The forum's objectives are to draw up a cohesive strategy for Norwegian climate research and to facilitate the application of research findings in a manner beneficial to society.

The efforts of the Klima21 forum will provide knowledge about how and why the climate is changing – and the ensuing ramifications for various sectors of society and the public at large. The forum will examine topics such as climate change and its impact, adaptive responses to climate change, climate policy, and the reduction of greenhouse gases and other pertinent countermeasures.

Organisation and work process 

The Klima21 forum comprises representatives of research institutions, environmental organisations, public agencies and business and industry. Activities are organised under a central steering group with four working groups dealing with separate areas. The forum is administered by the Research Council of Norway.

Each working group will submit a report, and together the reports will be synthesised into an overall report from the Klima21 forum to the Ministry of Education and Research.

The report will provide the background that the Government needs to devise a cohesive strategy for Norwegian climate research that will enable Norway to comply with its international climate commitments and ensure that Norwegian research activities are adequately coordinated with international climate research activities.

Basis for Klima21

The Klima21 forum has been established as part of the follow-up of the broad-based political agreement on climate policy reached in the Norwegian Storting in 2008, which aims to make Norway carbon-neutral by 2030. Two-thirds of the emissions reduction is to take place in Norway, and research on renewable energy is to be expanded substantially.

The climate policy agreement states the following with regard to the need for a forum for strategic cooperation on research on climate and the environment:

“The parties agree that the Government will establish a forum for strategic cooperation on climate and environmental research modelled on the OG21 and Energi21 initiatives, and will involve actors in climate and environmental research, including research institutions, environmental organisations, public authorities and the private sector, in this cooperation process. It will also be of key importance to take industrial development into account in this work.”