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The RCN grant application process: step by step

A simple video is now available which explains the Research Council of Norway’s grant application system and how applications are processed.
Date: 21.09.2012

Norway – an international leader in many areas of earth science

The quality of Norwegian earth sciences research is generally good, and Norwegian research groups are international leaders in several fields. It is strategically important in a national context to maintain these strengths.
Date: 17.11.2011

Warmest Gulf Stream in 2 000 years

The Gulf Stream off Svalbard has not been this warm for 2 000 years, concludes a research group at the University of Tromsø in an article recently published in the journal Science.
Date: 05.03.2012

Recommends increase of a billion kroner for climate research

According to the Government-appointed Klima21 forum, Norwegian climate research needs a boost of NOK 1 billion by 2015, and the prime minister should establish a scientific advisory board on climate to facilitate dialogue between politicians and researchers.
Date: 11.02.2010

How Norway should invest in research

The climate challenge, research in industry, independent basic research, and scientific equipment and infrastructure - these are once again the areas the Research Council believes should be given special priority in 2011.
Date: 11.06.2010