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Activities of the working groups

The Klima 21 forum has established four working groups that will provide input for an R&D strategy for Norwegian climate research, starting in 2010.

The activities of the working groups will be focused on the following four areas:

  • Working group 1: The climate system and natural variability
  • Working group 2: Impacts and adaptation
  • Working group 3: Framework conditions and reducing emissions
  • Working group 4: The structure of Norwegian climate research

The joint mandate of the working groups takes as its starting point specific thematic areas as opposed to individual research disciplines. Each group will assess the natural science, technological and social science research needed in conjunction with its assigned thematic area.

Each working group comprises a chair and up to eight persons, in addition to a secretary. Two members of the central steering group serve as liaisons to each working group to ensure open channels of communication between all elements of the Klima 21 forum.

The working groups are core teams which, after the introductory process, will seek contact with all relevant sectors to ensure practical incorporation of the established priorities.


Each working group will submit a summary of its activities in a report that answers the following fundamental questions:

  • What kinds of knowledge are needed in this field, and how should they be assigned priority? Which thematic areas are especially important to investigate and why?
  • What human and financial resources are needed to deal with the recommended research areas?
  • How should the research be organised to best address the recommended needs?
  • For each of the prioritised recommendations, which time frame applies: short term (2-5 years), medium term (5-10 years) or long term (10+ years)?

The reports must also provide a short description of the state-of-the-art of Norwegian research within the groups’ respective areas.

Important topics to be addressed in the reports are:

  • Areas where research can make a difference in coping with climate change
  • Where and how Norway and Norwegian research can make an impact
  • Globalisation and Norway’s responsibility in this context
  • Potential for industrial development
  • Dissemination of and structures for applying research-based knowledge
  • Recruitment of researchers for climate-related topics

Working methods

The working groups have drawn up a pre-report worksheet to provide a starting point for dialogue with relevant interested parties and stakeholders from within research, public administration, the business sector and non-governmental organisations. This has helped to ensure broad-based, nationwide support and provided an overview of all differing views among important stakeholders.

Each working group will prepare and submit a final report to the Klima 21 steering group. The reports will be synthesised into the Klima 21 forum’s overall input regarding a national R&D strategy for climate measures which is to be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Research in January 2010.